12:00pm Women’s “The Lord’s Loopy Loomers of Love”:
Led by Donna Shaffer. If you like to knit, crochet or loom, join us as we create hats, scarves and gloves to hand out at our Annual Christmas Outreach! Materials are not provided. All experience levels are welcome. You may also work on your own personal project. We will meet on the 2nd &4th Monday at PLC in the Upper East Classroom.

7:00pm Women’s “Moms Matter”:

Led by Sarah Barone & Lindsey Neale. A group of moms getting together to connect to each other and in God’s word! Each week is different! We have craft nights, movie nights, discussion nights, and spa nights! Come and see! We meet monthly offsite for various activities and community.

6:30pm Women’s “Play With Fire” (W.O.W.):

Led by Kelly Borger, Sandra Baltazar, and Tami Nickerson. In this Bible study, Bianca Juarez Olthoff delivers a bible-infused message that will help women gain new insight into God’s character, discover the personal and powerful nature of the Holy Spirit, and understand the unique fire God places in each person, helping them to fulfill their God-given calling and Kingdom purpose. We will meet weekly at PLC in the Upper Room.

6:30pm Women’s “Discerning the Voice of God” (J.E.W.E.L.S.):

Led by Desiree Lovelett, Debbie Leiweke, & Misha Campos. Our vision is to help women to hear God when He is speaking. We want to help others to grow in their relationship with God and grow our relationships with others at PLC. The basis of discussion will come from the book, “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer. Come enjoy life with other fellow believers! We will meet weekly at PLC in Volunteer Central.

7:00pm COED “Discover Freedom”: 

Led by Bill & Daylyn Miller. Our vision is to immediately transform lives in our identity in Christ. We will look at the perfect law of liberty and review verses that acknowledge every good thing already in us in Christ Jesus, while putting them into practice. (Phil 1:6 and James 1:25). Come and see what God has for you! We will meet weekly at PLC in the Multipurpose Room.

6:30am Men’s “The Man God Uses”:

Led by Dan Storrs & Chuck Stecker: This group is intended to raise up Men as leaders the way God has called us. We continue to study Romans as we look at what being a leader means according to the Bible. Whether you are a new believer or have been a Christian your whole life, we believe that God is calling you to help lead the church during this tumultuous time in America. Will you step up and take the challenge to lead the way Jesus led? We meet weekly at PLC in the Upper Room.

7:00pm COED “Wednesday Night Prayer”:

Led by Pastoral Staff and the Prayer Leadership Team. Come early for fellowship with others. Bring your Bible and journal. We will pray for one another as well as for the church. We play worship music and simply spend time in God’s presence. We meet weekly at PLC in the Upper Room.

7:00pm COED “The Prayer Course”:

Led by Pastor Ben & Kelly Borger. This 8-week study is a great introduction to prayer. Using the instruction given by Jesus in the Lord’s prayer as our foundation this will be a casual, fun, non-threatening opportunity to learn about prayer. By the end of our 8 weeks together you will: Be better at hearing god’s voice. Experience more of His presence. Be able to process some of your struggles and disappointments in prayer. Experience more miracles through unlocking the power of prayer. We meet weekly at PLC in the Upper East Classroom.

11:00am Women’s “Women’s Empowerment by Jesus”:

Led by: Dora Sandoval. Join a group of faithful women as they study “The Insanity of Obedience” by Nik Ripken. We will have group discussion and prayer. Come and enjoy the fellowship. Please brown bag a lunch & bring your own water bottle. We will meet weekly at PLC in the Upper East Classroom.

7:00pm Women’s “Beautiful”:

Led by Pastors Dawn & Lizmar Thurber and others. This is a message-based life group for women to get together in a safe environment, have great discussion and enjoy each other’s company. Women of all ages, in all walks of life are welcome and will find belonging in this group. We will meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursday at PLC in the Multipurpose Room.

7:00pm Men’s “Man Night”:

Led by Pastor Andrew Thurber, Dave Nelson, & others. PLC men college-age and beyond, gather to garner strength, support and encouragement for the many challenges facing men in today’s culture. A priority is placed on maintaining a safe and confidential environment for authentic questioning and sharing as we negotiate the victories as well as the challenges of life. We will meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursday at PLC in the Upper Room.

7:00pm Youth “Catalyst”:

Led by Tyler and Sarah Barone. All Middle and High School students are invited to join us to hang out, connect and grow! Each week you will hear an engaging message as well as having some fun games and activities. We want to give our youth a strong biblical and Christ centered foundation that can be applied in practical ways. We will meet weekly at PLC in the Next Generation Area.

9:00am COED “Revelation in Detail”:

Led by Bob Gee & Randy Sander: It is important to read all parts of the Bible and understand it. Bob Gee gives a detailed verse by verse study of the book of Revelation. Come and learn! We will meet every Saturday at PLC in the Multipurpose Room.

6:30pm Couples “Vertical Marriage”:

Led by Pastor Ben & Kelly Borger: There is a secret that will change your marriage, but if you’re a busy couple like us, you don’t have time for a long study full of complex materials and homework. What if we promise you something straightforward, honest, and fun! You’ll laugh while watching the video series. Get ready to go vertical and discover the elusive secret that will change everything. We will meet every other Saturday at PLC.

10:30am Addiction Recovery “Free to Be…”:

Led by Dawn Coors, Jesse & Sarah Cunningham. This is a Christ centered approach to living a life of freedom and recovery. Our intent is to build an environment of trust and empowerment for those who struggle with life hardships and cope with addiction. We want to demonstrate there is hope and disciple individuals to leave a Christ centered addiction free life! We will be utilizing “Freeway” by Mike Foster as a resource. We will meet weekly in the Upper East Classroom.

12:00pm 50+ “The Top Of The Hill Gang”:

Led by Dave and Jan Nelson. Connect with other 50+ PLC attendees for a potluck. We will have table talk, table games and some large group sharing. A great way to meet others and enjoy community! We will meet on the 4th Sunday of the month at PLC in the Multipurpose Room.

Women’s “Surrendering the Secret”:

Our goal is to love women back to life by breaking down the walls of shame by offering tools of hope and healing for post abortion recovery to the church and setting the church free to fulfill its mission. We value confidentiality and will communicate time and place of meetings to group members only. Also, if you are considering an abortion and need someone to talk to, we are here for you too! Please Email: lovingwomentolife@gmail.com or signup online.

Faith Class “Foundations”:

Led by Dan & Lori Storrs. Connect with other 50+ PLC attendees for a potluck. Come to a safe place where you can ask your questions regarding faith and your next steps. Discover what we believe at PLC regarding: Salvation, The Bible, The Church, The Holy Spirit, Worship, and Prayer. We want to journey with you and help set a solid foundation for you to stand on and build from. Welcome Home! Signup at the Welcome Center or online for next available class.